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The Baker Hughes Oilfield Services (OFS) product company is committed to making energy safer, more efficient, and less carbon-intensive for people and the planet. Oilfield chemicals keep oil and gas production safely and cost-effectively flowing by helping protect capital assets, extending well life, and optimisng production. An integral part of an energy technology company with a long history of delivering innovative technology and services, OFS is ideally positioned to help operators find, develop, and produce hydrocarbons in the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable ways possible.


Today, as the energy transition commences and our focus expands to address drivers such as decarbonisation, we remain keenly aware of the important role oil & gas will continue to play for the coming decades. Navigating the dual challenges of providing more than half the world’s energy mix while reducing, and eventually eliminating, carbon emissions will require our industry to operate more efficiently, with more predictable performance, than ever before, and Baker Hughes is ready.


Nouryon is a global specialty chemicals leader. We produce essential solutions that our customers use to manufacture everyday products needed for attractive and high-growth end-markets.


With our enduring commitment to the oilfield chemicals industry and our comprehensive understanding of its challenges, we offer a broad range of formulations and essential solutions to help companies like yours deliver on cost targets and overall performance.

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Company description to follow..

Company description to follow..

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